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Cable Internet Access

The most popular broadband connection

Cable modem ISPs are available most anywhere with download speeds of up to 54 megabytes per second. Combine cable internet access with a VOIP broadband telephone service plan and your total monthly bill for both may be less than you are currently spending for local phone service and dial-up!

Best Cable ISP Prices

The cable ISPs below all run special deals all the time so use the links below to see their current offers. You may have two or more providers in your area so it can pay to shop around.

What you'll need

To get connected to the internet via cable you will need to have cable service in your area. You'll need a cable modem and of course a length of cable that reaches your computer. Most cable companies offer a free modem when you sign up for service. If not you can buy one for about $30.

Cable modems don't plug into the same socket as your dial up line. They use what is called a CAT-5 cable. Most newer computers come with an CAT-5 Ethernet port installed. If not you'll need to purchase an Ethernet card and have it installed in your machine.

Another must-have is a really good firewall. Without it your computer will likely be filled with trojans and spyware within minutes! The firewall that comes with Windows systems is OK but you can get download a better one for free.

Wireless home network

If you have more than one computer or want to use your cable ISP connection to surf the Internet with your laptop you can also set up a wireless networking system. These systems consist of a wireless router that plugs into your cable modem that in turn sends a signal to a small receiver. This receiver can either be a card that is installed inside your machine or a small external box that connects with a USB cable.

But beware! Wireless networks require extra security measures which are not setup by default. If you're not technically savvy you should have someone who is install you network for you.