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Voip Internet Phone Service

There are any number of companies offering VOIP broadband phone service. And this is great for you, the VOIP shopper, because prices and perks are getting really competitive!

What You Should Know

First you'll need a broadband Internet service, either cable modem or DSL. (VOIP does NOT work with satellite Internet) It is very simple to install yourself, basically 'plug-n-play'. You can use your existing phone and even keep your current phone number.

Prices are typically less than half as much as a phone company land line and most services include free long distance as well as very cheap international calling rates.

Cheap VOIP Broadband Phone Provider

Phone Power offers the one of the cheapest prices for new broadband phone service. Right now they have a special price of $9.95/mo for your first 3 months. ($19.95/mo thereafter)
Voip offers more great features than any provider, including their SoftPhone that turns your computer into a virtual phone. Use it to make and receive calls at home or on the road.

ViaTalk provides the most cost effective, complete broadband phone service package available to United States residential and business customers. Unparalleled 24/7 technical support team coupled with state of the art fiber optic network ensures that you will have the highest available quality of service.

Unlimited calls to 22 countries just $21.95/month! If you've got a broadband Internet connection, Lingo is a service you can use to make Internet phone calls at significant savings over analog calling. Lingo Internet phone service offers plans to meet your needs. Lingo seamlessly uses your broadband connection to make and receive calls and gives you low international rates.